Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hilary's 60th ~ Nude Men Birthday Cake

Here's Hilary, relaxing, being pampered by a number of rather hunky almost naked (if a little shy!) men - just a bow tie and a smile (what a lucky lady!)

OOH! - just look at that bottom!

Joe's Nude Ladies Birthday Cake

Joe is a Pharmacist - hence this cake was shaped like a large Pill
- and surrounded by a range of coloured fondant shaped other 'pills'!,
most notably small light blue diamond shaped ones! -(Viagra!)...
... but then with these ladies I'm not sure there would be much call for them!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lizzie's Little Mermaid ~ 6th Birthday Cake

. ~ .
This Mermaid theme birthday cake was Lizzie's idea - as you can see, my imagination got the better of me and we ended up with a full sea-scape, even down to the sand! (brown sugar!)

Julie's Baby Shower Cake

I don't need much of an excuse to make a cake!
Here's a message for Julie
... 'feet up Julie'.
. ~ .

This was made for her baby shower, it shows Julie looking radiant as usual and blooming beautifully too!

Trinity Church ~ Cake to celebrate the opening

This cake was comissioned to celebrate the opening of the new Trinity Church - its a rather good likeness - I should really post a picture of the real building to show the likeness ...
... a job for another day! Though it doesn't look like a large cake, this was in fact just over two feet wide! - and was rather heavy too!

DERVENTIO EXCEL Launch Celebration Cake

. ~ .
This cake was made to clebrate the launch of Derventio Excel - Swimming club.
It shows a number of the team members in their smart new kit - all gold and black!
and the Coach - Mark - ever eager, complete with stopwatch in hand!...
...all a true likeness! (even olympic hopeful Olivia (Livvi) Sefton!)

'Irish John's' 80th Birthday cake ~ St Patricks Day

This cake was made some time ago (St Patricks Day to be precise!)
... I have only just found the photos!.
John loved his cake .... oh the luck of the Irish!

Victoria's 17th Birthday Cake ~ Eeyore

This is my attempt at Eeyore ...
... I think it was quite a good likeness - very cute!
(if a little fiddly to make!) ...

Mark's Nude ladies Birthday Cake

My 'Nude' cakes are always popular - mostly they do not show full frontal nudity! - my female figures are a little shy!

I'm particularly proud of the pert bottoms! (only wish mine was so nice!) -
I really must find a male nude cake picture to post - they are far more fun to make!

Andy & Jo ~ Just Married ~ Bed Cake

A slightly naughty depiction of the newly married couple (not the best photos - but look out for where wandering hands are!)