Thursday, May 31, 2007

A moment of fame at last!!!

following the wonderful new Skoda Fabia advert, the Daily Mail ran an article last week on the making of the cake and asked all us budding cake artisits to send in a pic of a car cake we had made - so I sent in one of my VW campervan cakes.

Although it didn't win the £100 prize it was featured in the (National) paper - click on the link to see the web based version .....

Friday, May 25, 2007

This is SO fabulous!

I just HAD TO give a mention to this wonderful NEW SKODA FABIA ADVERT - view it (and a short documentary on the making of the advert) at

The music to it - from the sound of music draws me to the telly every time! - I have lost count of the number of people, knowing my interest in all things fondant, that have said "have you seen that Skoda advert?!".

I take my hat off to them - it really is wonderful! - if you haven't seen the advert- visit the web site NOW! - click on the link above!

Friday, May 18, 2007

New Kitchen on the way....

My long awaitied kitchen is soon to be finished (well almost!) and will soon be christened with its first cake! - A wedding cake for a friend - Sarah (Gets married June 1st!)... (the fruit tier is already baked thanks to my Dad! - bless him - he is the master of the family fruit cake recipe!). All I have to do now is to make the sponge tier (thats the easy bit!).

Just a dozen or so pink roses to make! (thats as well as get the kitchen walls painted...)

but for now I'd just like to show off my shiny new oven! - I'm in love!.... you can see this is a work in progress, but better than afew weeks ago...

yeah yeah, still got floor tiles to do (though am warming to the luxurious cardboard floor I currently have!), oven splash back and cooker hood to sort, but still got to do another coat on the ceiling (hence the lights aren't fully pushed in yet) and still have to paint the walls (antique white) ...oh and the kickboards ...