Saturday, July 21, 2007

Louise & Darren's Wedding Cake

This cake isn't all it seems....
....the only edible part of it is the bottom tier! - the middle and top tiers all both wooden dummy cakes iced to look the part!. This meant that the top and middle tiers (and both 'bands' of flowers) were left on display for the evening guests to see too,
(it makes a nice centre piece to the evening buffet!).
A 9" sponge cake was also made and iced in the same pattern as the wedding cake for those guests who do not like fruit cake.

Ever since I saw a picture of a cake using a glass board
(tempered safety glass) and polished pebbles
I have wanted to use the idea myself!.
Luckily I managed to convince Louise to let me have a go!

The cake was decorated with fresh pink gerberas - (though a moment of panic when I realised that the smaller gerberas I had ordered had been inadvertantly cut and used on the table decorations by the staff at the wedding venue. This left me with the larger variety - which were intended to go in the table decorations!). With no option but to use all that was left I used the larger flowers - I think I got away with it!.

.....I will admit to throwing a slight diva moment at the person who used my flowers! (strangely enough she bid a hasty retreat back into the kitchen soon afterwards!)

. ~ .

Two crossed (mock) platinum rings and two gerberas simply adorned the top of this contemporary cake.