Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carl & Jacque's Wedding cake

I realised that I had never posted this photo, this cake was made a few years ago!... but here goes anyway. (this is a scanned image of the photo - this is before I got my digital camera!)...

White lilies and cream roses on an ivory 3 tier cake.

(the bottom tier is a dummy cake - its actually wooden, iced for the splendor of a 3 tier display)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sarah & Pauls Wedding Cake

1st June 2007 - the first cake made from my new kitchen !
(even though the kitchen isn't quite finished!)

I was really pleased with the final result & the bride was thrilled too! - but then she cried at everything! Here's a close up of the roses, each one painstakingly handmade!, the odd diamante scattered in between reflected the stones in the Brides tiara.

The top tier was sponge, with bottom tier traditional fruit cake.

The cake base is yet another of Nigel's creations, dreamt up by me and made to order! (he is so good to me!), to say its a couple of pieces of MDF a handful of screws and lots of staples to hold the satin pleats in place, I think it looks quite effective!

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