Friday, October 10, 2008

Peggy's Birthday Cake

Little 6 inch vanilla sponge with strawberry jam & vanilla buttercream filling.

I confess it is not my own design .. somewhere on flickr there is one very very similar though I think a daisy cutter was used for the flowers (please shout up who-ever you are so I can give proper credit!!)

Even so credit has to go to the mighty Rouvelee, and also the front cover of last months 'Wedding cakes a design source' magazine!!

I have fallen out with my sugar shaper gun so tried rolling these stems with my cake smoothing tool, just like Rouvelee does... except she is much much better at it - and the ribbon roses! ... than I am!!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Elizabeth's Baptism cake topper

Elizabeth's Baptism cake topper
Handmade from flower paste (by me!.. and Im rather pround of this one!).
(the hair and eye lashes are feather).
Proud Mum & Dad want to keep the cake topper so it wont be eaten! (good job with the addition of feather!). The blanket was supported by a piece of plastic beneath which will also make removal of the topper easy (and thus avoid damaging it as its only anchored to the cake with the smallest dab of icing).

Even though in these pics it looks like her ear is made in the wrong colour paste - I think its the was the light hit the picture! (it looks fine in reality!)

This cake is for Elizabeth (the same wee one I made the welcome stork for way back in May!). She is to be baptised this Sunday.

The butterflies were Mum's idea, Elizabeth seems to have lots of butterfly things in her nursery so they have become a family favourite!. - there are even more butterflies around the base of the cake.

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Elizabeth's Baptism cake

Elizabeth's Baptism cake
The finished article!

A 10 inch tangy lemon sponge with lemon buttercream & lemon curd filling.

... Oh & yes, i did cheat a little teeny tiny bit! ... the piping!.. my hands are so wobbly again at the moment (long story: side effects of new inhalers!) that I decided to type the lettering I wanted and then laid the paper over the cake and pricked through with a sterile pin and then just joined the dots! - my piping has never been so neat! (think I'll be doing that again! - well, every cloud has a silver lining eh!) ;-)

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Theo's 1st Birthday cake

Theo's 1st Birthday cake
Theo is off to a petting farm to celebrate his 1st birthday. The four figures on the main cake are claydough - bought figures (see earlier on in my photo stream). The piggy was made by me - I thought it was odd a farm set and no pig!!.
All the rest is fondant.
(its been really humid and thundery stupid weather again and the back of the cake shows another story - the small top sky piece has decided to subside a little and the grass has sagged a little bit - but hey - its the back!! (and Im not showing you that bit!! LOL!!!)

This cake has been inspired by a number of people - so go girls - take your bows:

Andrea's Sweetcakes & 4goodnesscake :- helped inspire the cloud/grass idea

Extra icing - Aine2 - for the wonderful inspiration of a more expressive face (her tutorial from her blog is just amazing!) - thanks Lorraine!!

and to SUGAR REEF for the idea of the cake shape :

thanks so much to all these fabulous people!!

Theo is seen here playing the tambourine with his feet - he actually does this rather well for real!! - Mum thought it was one of his cutiest poses so here he is on cloud 9!!!

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Ben's WALL-E cake ~ finished at last!

I finally finished this cake this morning, adding the stars & edible glitter (I love edible glitter!!)

So here he is ~ WALL-E & his beloved EVE, I had to add the fire extinguisher, having viewed clips of the WALL-E trailer on youtube! (I haven't seen the film, but it looks rather funny!!).

Both WALL-E & EVE are held together with a number of cocktail sticks so a warning note will accompany this cake (I would usually just use dry spaghetti for support if needed but boy, EVE needed lots of support, she just kept fainting which did get rather annoying - perhaps she was astounded by the vision of the lovely WALL-E, or indeed my cake decorating skills!)

Derventio eXcel congratulations to the squad

Derventio eXcel congratulations to the squad
A cake made to celebrate Derventio eXcel elite swim squad sucess, one of their swimmers has just returned from the paralympics.

10 inch vanilla sponge with raspberry jam & buttercream filling.

Derventio eXcel is the elite swimming squad for Derbyshire and is part of Bill Sweetenham’s blueprint for international swimming success. Derventio eXcel is a partnership between the existing swimming clubs in the county, the ASFGB, the ASA, Derbyshire Sport, the University of Derby, Derby College, Derby City Council, South Derbyshire District Council and Erewash Borough Council. It offers young swimmers in Derbyshire the opportunity to meet their swimming potential by training over 20 hours each week, and offers land training resources and sport science support.

Derventio team-mate Livvi Sefton earned herself a place in the European Junior Championships with her performance in the 200m butterfly. Derventio eXcel swimmer Dave Ellis, fulfilled his potential by qualifying for this year’s paralympics games in Beijing .

Sam's 6th Birthday cake ~ Lego Racing cars!