Monday, October 06, 2008

Theo's 1st Birthday cake

Theo's 1st Birthday cake
Theo is off to a petting farm to celebrate his 1st birthday. The four figures on the main cake are claydough - bought figures (see earlier on in my photo stream). The piggy was made by me - I thought it was odd a farm set and no pig!!.
All the rest is fondant.
(its been really humid and thundery stupid weather again and the back of the cake shows another story - the small top sky piece has decided to subside a little and the grass has sagged a little bit - but hey - its the back!! (and Im not showing you that bit!! LOL!!!)

This cake has been inspired by a number of people - so go girls - take your bows:

Andrea's Sweetcakes & 4goodnesscake :- helped inspire the cloud/grass idea

Extra icing - Aine2 - for the wonderful inspiration of a more expressive face (her tutorial from her blog is just amazing!) - thanks Lorraine!!

and to SUGAR REEF for the idea of the cake shape :

thanks so much to all these fabulous people!!

Theo is seen here playing the tambourine with his feet - he actually does this rather well for real!! - Mum thought it was one of his cutiest poses so here he is on cloud 9!!!

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