Friday, September 29, 2006

Helen's 30th Elvis Cake

I wondered what I would do for a cake when this cake was commissioned!... when someone asks for an Elvis cake, you kind of draw a blank!.

I think this worked out well in the end.
Thank God for Edible glitter! - what a find! - the kitchen is now sparkling beautifully! (and so is the cat!!)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Michelle's 40th Birthday Cake - 'Spa'

For a relaxing party weekend at Champneys health spa what better than a cake showing Michelle soaking up all that pampering!


This cake was a crafty way of sneaking in the MOST chocolatey thing that has ever been eaten in such an establishment! - we needed the chocolate! - not to mention the wine that weekend!.


Hattie's 3rd Birthday Fairy Cake

Every little girl loves fairies!.

Hattie loved this fairy on her 3rd Birthday cake!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Richard's 14th Birthday cake - the newspaper delivery boy!

Richard had recently started delivering newspapers, hence the idea to decorate his cake showing him and his beloved bike, with him in the headlines!.
(football pictured here is a candle)

George - Birth Celebration cake

... This cake was commissioned by a very proud new Grandma & Grandpa, to welcome their first Grandson into the world.

Martyn's 21st Birthday cake - surfers dream!

Martyn lives for surfing! - here he is riding the crest of the wave (holding a beer bottle - actually its a candle!).
Blissfully unaware of the shark on his tail and the beautiful mermaid 'under the sea!'

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shaun's untidy teen cake

We have all either been an untidy teen or have one of our own!.

This cake was a gentle reminder to Shaun of just how untidy boys are!
(The football is a candle - everything else is edible - notice the cola can, chocolate and take-away food among the various abandoned clothes!)

Betty's 80th Birthday cake ~ feet up!

Betty likes nothing more than to put her feet up with a cuppa and the TV!

(her glasses & TV ariel are made from wire - otherwise all seen is edible)

This cake is her down to
a tee!

Sarah's 18th Birthday cake ~ book mad!

Just turned 18, and off to University - this cake was a hint of things to come - plenty of reading and plenty of books! - for this trainee teacher.

(champagne bottle here is a candle, and the glass is plastic- everything else is edible!)


Sally's TARDIS 50th Birthday cake

Sally is Dr Who mad (among other things!)
Her 50th Birthday party was a surprise - as was the cake!.
... though I think she will remember her birthday most for the ride home in a police car!!!
(My fingernails were navy for days - not to mention my kitchen worktop!)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nigel's 40th - Clanger cake

My Hubby, Nigel, is mad on Clangers!
(and Aardvarks! - well, the two do look alike I suppose - perhaps more so to him seeing as he is colour-blind!). Having adopted a baby Aardvark (from Colchester Zoo) for his birthday (called Puff! - arh!), I decided he deserved a cake too!

I somehow managed to make this cake in around 3 hours!, and managed to keep it hidden from Nigel until his Birthday too!.

I admit, I did cheat and buy a ready made cake (well, it was made as a surprize - me baking a cake would have given the game away!). I seem to recall I sent Nigel out on a mission - some DIY job for the Brother-in-law. I have never decorated a cake so quickly!. I think the end result was quite effective! - and so did he!


White lily Birthday cake

Yet another lily cake!

Handmade 'sugar crafted' lilies with lilac fressias & may trademark ivy.

For some reason I didn't take very good photos of this cake! - though it looks like its in its box! - looks like this was perhaps a last minute 'grab a photo before I deliver it'.


Stargazer lily Birthday cake

My favourite flowers!

Handmade stargazer lilies with ivy, simple yet striking - these are often mistaken for real flowers.

It takes hours to make one of these lilies, let alone ice the dots on the petals and dust the vivid pink colour - but I think you will agree, they are worth every minute!.

Floral Birthday Cake

This cake was a large vanilla sponge cake, made to celebrate Elaine's 50th Birthday.

It was elegantly decorated with an arrangement of handmade orchids and looped bear grass.

Guy & Katie's Wedding Cake

This 3 tier hexagonal Wedding cake is not all it appears!.

This was my first ever Wedding cake - made in 2002, I was encouraged to make it by my colleague - Hilary - the Mother of the Groom.

I have since made the Wedding cake for the Hilary's other Son - see my first ever blog - Gavin & Becky's Wedding cake.

Decorated with ivory icing, this cake is also embellished with a delicate piped design which was copied from the beadwork on the Bridal gown bodice (although it is barely visible on these photographs).

The flowers were handmade, consisting of ivy, lemon carnations, cream roses and brodiaea (Queen Fabiola Brodiaea) - this matched the Bridal bouquet.

The Middle tier is not actually a cake, it was a wooden 'dummy' made in the same shape as the cake (if you looked from the underside of this stand you could see the screw that held the wooden 'dummy to the board!). The Bride and Groom wanted some of the cake to remain on display for the evening guests to see, so another cake was made, square (easier to portion) and was basically iced, this went straight to the kitchen to be cut up - leaving the cake on display until later in the evening when the bottom tier was then cut up too.

Kevin's 40th Golf theme Birthday cake

...Kevin is Golf crazy, so this cake design was obvious to me - here he is willing the ball into the hole, and enjoying a drink whilst he is there! - that's Kevin!

(as before the champagne bottle is a candle, and the 'glass' is plastic).

...look, he even has a tiny golf tee, and even studs on his shoes!

I seem to have forgotten the slight hint of grey to his hair! - maybe I was just feeling kind!

Cricket theme 70th Birthday cake

I thought that the slogan 'Dad - 70 - not out' was rather clever of me! (though I am perhaps not the first to think of it or something very similar!).

The champagne bottle here isn't edible - though it is a candle! - oh and his glasses are made of wire - so that bit isn't edible either!.
(Don't worry - I did warn the people concerned!!)

George's Christening cake

I decided to experiment with this cake, making a break away from the usual white or ivory icing base colour, and chosing to use this baby blue icing instead - I think it works well!.

I could not resist placing all these toys on this cake! - as usual, everything is edible.

Eve's Christening cake

This Vanilla sponge cake was made to celebrate Eve's Christening.

Swimming Gala cake - Olivia's birthday

This vanilla sponge was made to celebrate Olivia's 11th Birthday.
  • It was the ideal cake for this keen swimmer.


VW campervan cakes

This cake was commissioned to celebrate Sophie & Andrew's 6th wedding anniversary (hence the vehicle reg number WED 6YR). Both are slightly fanatical about VW campervans!.

Both these cakes were vanilla sponge cakes - the tyres were liquorice (mmmm...)

This cake was for Nikki's 16th birthday - no prizes for guessing what her dream car will be when she passes her driving test (and it just HAD to be purple!!)

Various garden theme cakes

A popular design, in all its varied forms.... A close-up view of one of the cakes - this was a vegetable garden - for a keen organic fanatic.
The cake was made from organic produce (though organic icing was impossible for me to find so I'm afraid that was just fondant icing!).
A birthday cake for a Mum who likes nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine in the garden! (and who can blame her!?)

These cakes are popular as you can see- I tend to get a little carried away with flowers and plants - though everything is edible (The greenhouse is made from edible sugar paste too).


A keen newspaper reader, relaxing in the garden!