Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nigel's 40th - Clanger cake

My Hubby, Nigel, is mad on Clangers!
(and Aardvarks! - well, the two do look alike I suppose - perhaps more so to him seeing as he is colour-blind!). Having adopted a baby Aardvark (from Colchester Zoo) for his birthday (called Puff! - arh!), I decided he deserved a cake too!

I somehow managed to make this cake in around 3 hours!, and managed to keep it hidden from Nigel until his Birthday too!.

I admit, I did cheat and buy a ready made cake (well, it was made as a surprize - me baking a cake would have given the game away!). I seem to recall I sent Nigel out on a mission - some DIY job for the Brother-in-law. I have never decorated a cake so quickly!. I think the end result was quite effective! - and so did he!


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