Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guy & Katie's Wedding Cake

This 3 tier hexagonal Wedding cake is not all it appears!.

This was my first ever Wedding cake - made in 2002, I was encouraged to make it by my colleague - Hilary - the Mother of the Groom.

I have since made the Wedding cake for the Hilary's other Son - see my first ever blog - Gavin & Becky's Wedding cake.

Decorated with ivory icing, this cake is also embellished with a delicate piped design which was copied from the beadwork on the Bridal gown bodice (although it is barely visible on these photographs).

The flowers were handmade, consisting of ivy, lemon carnations, cream roses and brodiaea (Queen Fabiola Brodiaea) - this matched the Bridal bouquet.

The Middle tier is not actually a cake, it was a wooden 'dummy' made in the same shape as the cake (if you looked from the underside of this stand you could see the screw that held the wooden 'dummy to the board!). The Bride and Groom wanted some of the cake to remain on display for the evening guests to see, so another cake was made, square (easier to portion) and was basically iced, this went straight to the kitchen to be cut up - leaving the cake on display until later in the evening when the bottom tier was then cut up too.

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