Monday, October 06, 2008

Elizabeth's Baptism cake topper

Elizabeth's Baptism cake topper
Handmade from flower paste (by me!.. and Im rather pround of this one!).
(the hair and eye lashes are feather).
Proud Mum & Dad want to keep the cake topper so it wont be eaten! (good job with the addition of feather!). The blanket was supported by a piece of plastic beneath which will also make removal of the topper easy (and thus avoid damaging it as its only anchored to the cake with the smallest dab of icing).

Even though in these pics it looks like her ear is made in the wrong colour paste - I think its the was the light hit the picture! (it looks fine in reality!)

This cake is for Elizabeth (the same wee one I made the welcome stork for way back in May!). She is to be baptised this Sunday.

The butterflies were Mum's idea, Elizabeth seems to have lots of butterfly things in her nursery so they have become a family favourite!. - there are even more butterflies around the base of the cake.

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