Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gavin & Becky's Wedding cake

My first BLOG! - I started decorating cakes as a hobby about 8 years ago, I started with kids cakes and gradually began to take on more and more complicated bespoke cakes.
Although I do not advertise I am finding myself more and more busy - you never know - one day I may 'give up the day job!' (if only....).
I wanted to share some of my cakes, and thought that this would be a good way to get some of my pictures 'out there'. I hope you enjoy them.....

September 1st 2006

Gavin & Becky's Wedding cake.
Very simple - and very beautiful! - I am so pleased with the finished result.

A 3 tier fruit cake, simply decorated with fresh pink roses (to match the bridal bouquet), the roses were interspersed with sparkling Swarovski crystals (matching the beading on the beautiful bridal gown and the tiara). The cake was topped with entwined mock platinum rings nestled amongst the centrepiece arrangement.
The pillars supporting this cake were made from clear acrylic (designed by me, and made thanks to the engineering capabilites of my Husband!).
There were 2 other tiers to this cake, a chocolate fudge cake and vanilla sponge. The two sponge cakes were simply decorated with plain white fondant, though were never displayed - they went straight to the kitchen to be cut up for those who (like me!) hate fruit cake!.


Hilary Gray said...

The cake tasted as gorgeous as it looked.
I would never have trusted the making of the wedding cakes for Gavin & Becky in September this year and Guy & Katie in July 2002 with any one other than you!! As usual you excelled in the professionalism & detail.
Thank you Jo.
Love Hilary x
(a very proud Mum & Mum-In-Law)

Blackmarlin Keith said...

Very creative Jo.

If you weren't a sister in the NHS you'd be a professional cake artist for sure...

Maybe me 'n' Ceels will need cake sometime soonish - I'll know where to come.



Lisa Flannery said...

Thank you for your comments on my cakes. I checked your out right away! I love your details and your sculpting/molding work. You can tell you're an artist!

My space said...

Very nice...