Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sally & Nigel's Wedding cake

I very nearly put blood sweat and tears into the making of this cake! (the sweat and tears bit is true!).

This is the wedding cake I made for my Sister - it HAD to be perfect!.

This was a 3 tier heart shaped cake, (2 tier fruit, one tier vanilla sponge) iced with ivory fondant.

The wedding cake stand was designed by me, and made a reality by my Husband (I'm sure he never though his engineering abilities would be used to make various wedding cake stands! - but this is one of many he has been asked to make for me!).

The stand was made from MDF and plastic water piping!! it was covered in an ivory fabric patterned with scrolls and ivy.

The hand made (sugar craft) floral arrangements consisted of trailing ivy, claret roses and white lilies. The lilies were stunning, though I say so myself! - these pictures don't do them justice! - people were actually going to sniff the flowers - they thought they were real!.

The leading edge of the cake was piped to reflect the beaded detail on the bridal gown bodice.
It was this piping which caused the sweat & tears! (and almost blood!!!) - at the time, I had a problem with my right wrist, which meant that holding and squeezing the piping bag was very painful!.

The middle tier of this cake was vanilla sponge - the top and bottom tiers were both traditional fruit cake (baked as always by my beloved Dad!)

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